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Reforms and Restructuring

Reforms and Restructuring

We offer the best reform & restructuring services to your business to make the best deals ot of such reforms. Strategic restructuring reduces financial losses, simultaneously reducing tensions between debt and equity holders to facilitate a prompt resolution of a distressed situation.

We help you in reforms and restructuring to change the internal structure by revamping departments, ownership, or operations and processes. Our goal is to make the organization more profitable and integrated. A company may restructure as a means of preparing for a sale, buyout, merger, change in overall goals or transfer to a relative. Our consultants help you restructure your business in the required way. We help reorganizing the legal, ownership, operational, or other structures of a company for the purpose of making it more profitable, or better organized for its present needs in Nepal.

We provide following Reforms and Restructuring Services

Public Sector restructuring

We help downsizing the public sector institutions to eliminate duplication, overlaps and redundancy of functions and ensure focus on core missions. Establish legislative frameworks that institutionalize restructuring processes at government level and at the level of individual institutions. Build organizational structures that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of institutions and optimally utilize various resources. Develop and update methodologies and tools for restructuring government departments. Conduct the necessary studies for managing reforms and restructuring processes at sectorial level. Develop and apply criteria for selecting departments that will undergo restructuring at the sectorial level. We also help build organizational structures that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of government institutions and optimally utilize various resources.

Regulatory studies

The complex and dynamic nature of financial markets requires dynamic regulations and regulatory professionals must keep abreast of latest market innovations and regulatory techniques to meet their objective. We help to keep your regulations up-to-date with regulatory studies. Regulatory science is a scientific discipline consisting of the development and application of scientific methods, tools, approaches, and other relevant processes derived from various scientific disciplines used to support regulatory and other policy objectives. We help you maintain that discipline and remain ahead in the competition.

Institutional strengthening

BSA helps you develop or improve existing institutional strengthening systems and processes. Institutional strengthening is about increasing the capacity or ability of institutions to perform their functions. We present institutional strengthening as an adaptable tool that may be used to develop new or strengthen existing policies, processes and practices. We present principles, minimum standards, best practices, business processes, references and tools for effective, efficient and sustainable organizations.

Organizational Diagnostics

We perform diagnosis to determine gaps between current and desired performance and how the goal can be achieved. We review the development, work environment, personnel and operation of your business or another type of association. We provide complete and independent assessment of a troubled business to determine short-term survivability, and longer-term viability from a strategic, organizational, operational and financial point of view. We collect data, identify strengths, opportunities, problems and feedback the data.

Accounting reforms

We help you in expanding your accounting rules The reforms we make are an expansion of accounting rules that goes beyond the realm of financial measures for both individual economic entities and national economies. We lead you towards globalization of standard accounting practices.

Specialized financial advisory services

We provide comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advice to companies with complex business problems or disputes. Our Financial and Business Advisory Services professionals deliver the specialized, objective financial advice you need to clearly understand your options, opportunities and exposures. We provide many different services, such as investment management, income tax preparation and estate planning. We assist the client in accomplishing the application file for receiving aid financing agreement, assistance in preparing and depositing the reimbursement files.

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